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Our Services

We offer hands on run ‘n gun filming services, where our cameraman will capture each and every aspect of your safari from start to finish. The footage will then get edited into a final video production.

About Us

Nyala Republic Safari Video Production was founded in the beginning of 2017 when Cameraman Rhys had a vision to start a career in filming wildlife and to live the bushveld lifestyle. 

Rhys is Nyala Republic’s main camera operator, photographer and post production editor. As time elapsed Rhys has aquired the vision of being a visual story teller, as well as to adapt to his surroundings in the bush. He is sure to capture the story of your safari and to ensure you get professional service and an excellent production. 

Our Equipment 

Canon XF400 HD/4K Camcorder

Canon XA30 HD Camcorder

Olympus E3 Digital Camera

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Final Cut Pro X Editing Software