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What Clients Say

To whom it may concern,
In the month of October 2018 I took my wife and son on our first African hunting safari. Before arriving we decided to have our experience recorded. We hired Nyala Republic to handle the job, and did he ever. Rhys, the owner, not only did an excellent job but was just like another professional hunter riding along. The amount of time and professionalism he took setting up our trophies for pictures, and the job he did recording our hunts was second to none. We now have a video and pictures which make it like being in Africa all over again when you watch. We not only recommend Nyala Republic, but guarantee you will leave satisfied and also have a lifelong friend. He definitely has a life long customer here!  


Bohl Family

This was our third time to South Africa, and our first time having a videographer. We had no idea what to expect, having a videographer, but we were glad we took the chance and did it!

Right from the beginning Rhys was capturing each moment on our trip. Everything from sighting in our guns, to impact shots, to the celebratory moments after.  He used his drone to get beautiful aerial footage for our video, and never passed on the chance to get video of the wildlife we encountered while out.

He was always with us, always ready, and always professional. He was great with our kids as well, and was very patient with some of the shooting we ended up doing.

The final video he put together for our family was wonderful – it wasn’t just about the hunting, it was about the entire experience. The production was excellent and it was worth the money we spent. 

Pictures can only tell you so much – you need a video to tell the whole story!

Hildebrand Family, 2018

In May / June of 2018, my friend Eric and I had the pleasure of going on safari on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This was my first time in Africa, and I truly enjoyed the experience, as this was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and we were fortunate enough to have had Rhys with Nyala Republic along to capture the safari with video and pictures.


Rhys seemed to be very nice young man, very energetic, and extremely passionate with regards to his craft, and we were not really sure what type of product we would end up with at the end of the safari. Throughout the safari, Rhys would get out of the vehicle when we would and catch a few seconds of video here, and a few seconds of video there, take some pictures here, take some pictures there, and Rhys would also do the same thing as we were stalking or after we had taken our trophy.


After a long day of riding and stalking, Rhys would disappear into the other room of the lodge where he would start editing all of the raw footage of the day. Unfortunately, with the nature of the safari and the short time frame Rhys had to work with, he was only able to complete the entire process and hand off the final product to us as we drove to the airport to return home.


On the way to the airport to return to the US, Rhys handed us our Safari on a thumb drive, which included all the raw video footage in HD, all of the pictures he had taken, an edited version of the video (with music), and a slide show (with music). At the time, Eric and I had not able to view any of the footage or pictures, and we had no idea what type of product we were being handed. Upon our return to the US, we were finally able to sit down and view the final product, and we were pleasantly surprised by what we saw. The video and slideshow look absolutely incredible on my 65” 4K UHD TV.


Rhys and Nyala Republic were able to capture the essence of our safari, and it allows me to revisit that special time, and share my experience with others. I was and still am extremely satisfied with the product Nyala Republic was able to provide. I take the thumb drive with me and show the video to friends and I am continually receiving praise for the professional job that Nyala Republic did.


Thank you Rhys, it was a pleasure to have you along with us during our safari, and we hope to return to Africa again in the near future. We will definitely be contacting you for our next safari.

Keith Dore, 2018